Finding Yourself Again

Dear One,
You jumped into a puddle and didn’t realize it was a hole.
You didn’t recognize how far deep it was until it began hurting your soul.
Every mirror you checked was caked in mud so thick you couldn’t recognize yourself
Until your mode of operation became “just survive, get by, without help from anyone else.”

“It’s a cold dark world,” your new alter ego said.
“You have to watch your back,” every night before bed.

You became paranoid, once you discovered fear
You learned lies you could’ve avoided but now you don’t feel safe here.

It’s alright, dear one, you don’t have to be stuck this way.
The mud is deep now but there are brighter days.

But you’ll have to be open.
You have to share.
Every bit of your broken
Is too heavy for any one person to bear.

There is a way out of this underland that you’ve found,
Through a tunnel that runs right underneath the ground.

Now you must decide
Who it is you want to be,
When you pop up on the other side—
When you are set free.

The world is your oyster for this grand reinvention.
Don’t give this hardship the chance to taint your complexion.

Try your best to remember who you were before–
But also remember that your struggles have made you more.

Most of all don’t forget that how you feel isn’t who you are,
Because, my dear child, you were born to be a star.

Forever and always~~

Never give up on the journey, no matter what happens. This is your time.

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