Why is it always about being black?

Love this family and what they have to say in response to this question, “Why is it always about being black?” If you’re a truth seeker, empathizer, or people lover, read this!

Why is about being black2.png Check out Beleaf in Fatherhood on YouTube!

Great question.

The reality of the situation is my whole life schoolmates, teachers, peers, family, friends, etc. have (in some form or fashion) expressed expectations of who I am because of the complexion of my skin. From a very young age, there are stereotypes that have been projected on me of the type of woman I should be. I remember being called an “oreo” because I was black on the outside but white on the inside, so “they” said. It was often suggested that I “acted white” or wasn’t “black enough.” Imagine being told these things in my formative years. Imagine the confusion that I must have been dealing with internally. A video my husband posted today triggered some reflection on my years growing up as a black girl in sunny San Diego. I appreciate the way he was able to express himself…

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