I Give You My Broken

Woke up today in a bout of pain. I recently started really lamenting the loss of a few familial relationships in my life that took place many years ago and one of my sets of parents’ divorces that took place in 2016. The timing of this is all pretty poor in my mind to be honest. Why am I now so effected by these things? I cannot give an answer, but for whatever reason I am and it hurts. Ironically enough, over the past week every day something has come up in one of my classes or church or at random places about the importance of lamenting with God and not separating yourself from him when things get difficult. So I woke up this morning feeling hurt and I sang this song to God. I hurt, but I’m not alone and, wow, if that’s not Grace I don’t know what is.

God, I give to you my broken pieces.
My broken wings were meant to fly.
I give you my broken pieces,
Help me make it out alive.
I hurt with you
I won’t let you go
Help me not to lose sight of you.
I give you to my broken pieces, Lord.
Lord, I give to you my broken pieces,
Patch me up, make me a work of art.
I give to you my broken pieces,
Won’t you see all of me, every shattered part.
I give to you my broken
I’m in pain.
I know you know what that feels like.
I know, I know, I know you care.
I know you haven’t abandoned me.
I trust you.
My edges are rough,
My hair is messy
I am not enough
But you are.
I give to you my broken pieces—
Broken girl from a broken home.
Won’t you please rebuild your temple within me?
Remind me that I’m not alone.
I give to you my broken pieces.
I am broken, fragile glass,
And on days when I don’t feel like giving fully
Just take it from me God, you don’t have to ask.
Oh Lord.

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