Pain pain go away,
Come again some other day
A day when I have strength to fight.
A day when it won’t take all my might.

Pain Pain, don’t come at all.
If I had my way, I would never fall.
Not today, not tomorrow, not any day soon.
and I would be able to (on my own) touch the moon.

Pain, pain! I don’t want you anymore
I beg you to desert me, just leave me here on this cold floor.
*Prick* “OW!”
*Pinch* “NOT NOW!”
I promise I’ll figure this out somehow.

Pain, pain.  Though I don’t want you any longer,
I have to admit that there are things you’ve done for me…
It’s true that you have made me much stronger
And helped me become the person I am meant to be.

Pain, pain, you’re uncomfortable and I hate you.
I don’t care if you were the last man on earth– I would never date you.

Pain, pain won’t you please give me a break?
Aren’t you finished stalking me?
What else of mine is there even left to take?

No matter how close to you I get
There’s something you want to make sure I never forget,

“I won’t go away and there’s nothing you can do.
Sure you can pray, and He will hear you too.
But just because you tell Him, does not mean you’ll be redeemed.
In Egypt it took 400 years before the captives were set free.
So what makes you think you’ll get out of captivity any time here soon?
I think you ought to figure this out because it’s otherwise impending doom.”

So I hold on to Jesus because he’s the only truth that will hold me steadfast against such lies.
But the waves are crashing over me and I don’t know if I’ll survive.

I’m on my knees, begging you to take me out alive.
I know that it’s been done before, so I’ll wait till this storm dies.

Lord, you’ve calmed the storms of wind and rain,
Now please calm the storm in my heart called pain.



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