An Ode to Positivity

I’ve been working on writing a lot of drafts about various things from my travels to spiritual matters, social situations, and beyond. But it’s been awhile since I’ve written any poetry and I needed a minute to return to that. In light of all the negativity that occurs in the world, I decided that we need to spend far more time recognizing the beauty and positivity in the world around us because quite frankly, there are more beautiful things than there are horrific things, even if the media makes it seem otherwise. So, without further ado, An Ode to Positivity–

Oh sunshine, how you make me smile.
When I step outside and see your face, it dulls the dreary cold for a while.

Oh moonshine, how much you mean to me.
You light the night, you make things bright when darkness is overwhelming.

From the old lady on the park bench
To the mechanic with the wrench

From the child with the McDonald’s toy
To the person without any joy

Every one matters and has something to offer
Even you, the negative “glass-half-empty” scoffer.

But, over time, I hope to see the changes that we will make
When we decide to see the beauty of this world with the chances that we take

When we choose not to care so much about who is right and who is wrong.
When we decide to accept one another so that we might all feel like we belong.

This earth isn’t doomed. The earth is destined.
Someday it will be made brand new.
So I hope in this crazy time you will question
What life’s choices demand of you.

Daughters, sisters, mothers, friends,
Fathers, sons, my brothers (cough, Ben)
Listen to me, hear my cry
As we sit in front of the news, watching people die

Choose joy in the face of strife!
Especially if you are part of my family in Christ
It is our responsibility to show that beauty which came with a price.

Media depends on blood, money, and sex.
Put the three together, and you’ve got a negative mess.

So we look to television and see people having sex for blood money
And then spend most of our time talking about how people shouldn’t do that– that’s funny
Because if we the people want to form a more perfect union
Then WE PEOPLE need to be more focused on unity too then.

And what brings us together the most?
Being the most right in the content of a Facebook post?
Undermining our differences?
Trying to be the best?
Constantly lending ourselves to second guess,
Never letting it rest?


It’s positivity, guys.

It’s waking up in the morning and opening your eyes.

It’s going to bed another night.
It’s soap bubbles in the sink,
Working hard,
Buying another drink.

It’s stepping out of the movie theater, discussing the movie.
It’s dreaming with your loved ones. Telling stories. Loving truly.

It’s singing and dancing and driving down the highway.
It’s living another second of another beautiful day.

The things that bring us together are numerous– the list could go on forever…
So why do we spend so much time meditating on the things that rip us apart?
Who is it that encourages you to do that? The one who comes to kill, steal, and destroy, or the one who knows your heart?

Here’s to positivity, here’s to the bright side–
Here’s to those annoying people who try to force us to see the light 😉

Here’s to the greener grasses that are right underneath our feet,
Here’s to every stranger who smiles when they pass us on the street.

It’s not that negative things don’t exist, it’s just that the joy that I have is so much greater!
Here’s to every person who has ever held open the door to the elevator.

Here’s to baby animals, for always being cute–
Except for baby naked mole rats… but it’s okay, we love you too.

Here’s to zumba classes, you make my life better.
Here’s to all the people who still send and receive handwritten letters.

Here’s to sports teams, thanks for the entertainment.
All your effort shows when game time comes and excitment can’t be put in containment.

Here’s to all the artists, yes, even you who starve.
Whether art imitates life or life imitates art, you keep us going at large.

Here’s to technology, we have a love-hate relationship
But I’m thankful for the things you’ve done for man-kind and especially for the mans that make it.

Here’s to the things you’re passionate about.
Here’s to all of the life lessons.
Here’s to all the hardship that printed our stories out.
Here’s to the clothing that you feel best in.

Here’s to snowmen in freezing cold weather.
Here’s to walking through life together.

Here’s to that person you call on in times of desperate measure.
Here’s to water in the desert.

Here’s to wind rustling through tall trees.
Here’s to still moments to think by myself in traffic.
Here’s to awkward conversations about birds and bees.
Here’s to designers who makes beautiful graphics.

Greater is HE that is in ME than he that is in the world.
Here’s to every chilvarous man that sacrifices something for a girl.

Here’s to the parents who buy their children bubble-blowers at Disneyland.
Here’s to the incredibly precious old couples, still walking hand in hand.

Here’s to the weddings and the babies being born.
Here is to all the precious souls that are on their way to see the Lord.

Here’s to sun, thanks for always shining,
Here’s to the Son, who broke the silver lining.

Here’s to all the good because you honestly outweigh the bad
Because I know the One who made it all and decided to call it that.

Here’s to positivity. The glass is completely full.
It’s 50% water and 50% air & it ensures us that life is never dull.

People will try to make you think that the world is about to end.
They’ll tell you about the most horrific things, and you’ll feel like apocalypse is just around the bend.

But whether it is or not, the one thing that I know to be true
Is that we have power over this brokenness–
But I can’t win this war without you.

We can’t win this war if we continue building walls, walls that divide people and cause our cosmic fall.
This isn’t just about acts of random kindness or passing kindness along,
This is about choosing a positive attitude so that our arsenal is strong.

If you agree that love wins, then you have to let love be your guide,
Starting with seeing positivity and pushing the bullies of negativity aside.

The Good keeps us together. It’s the reason we’re here right now.
So stand by me and choose to see it, and I promise our rally cry will be loud.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful, but it does have to be full of wonder.
Thanks, bright side, for keeping my head up when the current tried to pull me under.

Thank you positivity, for always being there.
Here’s to you on another glass-full-day– I look forward to seeing you everywhere.

Here’s to positivity.


Live, learn, love, and leave a legacy,



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