The Lost Girl

There are many people I cry about
But none are quite like you
And when my feelings start coming out
I wonder if you’ve ever missed me too.

Do you miss the opportunities
That we might have shared?
Together our strength was one immunity
To the rest of this world’s cares.

Or at least that’s how it seems to me,
Now that I look back.
That’s how everything appeared to be,
Every hour we walked around the track.

So here’s to all the time we spent walking around outside
And here’s to all the make believe games which remind me that my belief has died.

Perhaps it hasn’t died completely but it has died down a lot
Because as I get older, I remember more.
And I think that you forgot.

You’ve forgotten all the game shows.
You’ve forgotten all the fights.
And I look at you and your pain shows.
And I wish I could show you the light.

And I wish that I could love you because I know that you deserve to be loved.
And I wish that I could know you, because I would love to know what you think of.

What do you think about God these days?
Have you come back to him?
And what do you think about all the ways we were treated when we were kids?


I did it, I went there
I went all the way.
Maybe this is something we can’t bear?
No. The truth has to come out today.

I’m sorry for your childhood. You didn’t get the kind that you deserved.
I know that it was brutually difficult and there wasn’t a better life you could earn.

I can only imagine how you’ve been damaged by the things he said to you.
I can only imagine how, though I never intended it, I probably bring you pain too.

We were just kids and I couldn’t see that I was treated different.
I didn’t see the bigger picture as I only stepped in to visit.

We were from two different worlds and I only entered yours for a time
And now that I look back I see that what I saw wasn’t the reality of your life.

I can only imagine how good it felt when you turned 18 years old.
When you graduated and left the house. I bet you were strong. I know you were bold.

I can only imagine how liberated you must have been.
To flee the scene of painful treatment and decide who you let in…

Yesterday I said something in a silly voice, and then I chuckled to myself.
It made me think of you because you’re the only one who would understand.
Only you and no one else.

No one else would know how you were the best comforter that I knew.
To this day I’ve never met someone so good at listening.

[I’ve never met someone like you.]

It’s true, we share our differences.
Even when we hate to share things.
When it comes to pain, I wonder if you witness this.

Does your heart have space that’s rent free?

Relationships aren’t always easy.
And they surely don’t always put you at ease.
But I hope that you are happy.
And that you might have peace.

There are many people I cry about
But none are quite like you
My feelings have started to fall out
And I wonder if you miss me too.


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