Stuck on Me

As I continue in a series of weekly #poetryposts, I am reposting some old poems as well as posting new ones so I can put them all in one place as opposed to having them on various blogs, websites, and documents all over the internet 😉 Enjoy!


If you know me, you know that I think… a lot. I could honestly spend days alone with just me and my thoughts, contemplating life’s great mysteries. This can be good, sometimes, in some ways, but it can also be dangerous.

It was good for me toward the beginning of the month when my life could use a lot of re-thinking, but now I’m just feeling stuck as all of my thoughts lead me to feeling hopeless and exhausted. The ending of the poem is in brackets because it’s somewhat an “extended ending.” I like where it ends before that because it seems more finite, resolved, and grateful in tone, but the reality is that the rest of it still exists. Even if I wish to grateful, sometimes I’m still discontent.

It’s so easy to get stuck on me.

Stuck on me.

I am stuck on me.
As if the fall of man started on the “me tree.”

Stuck on you, and him, and her.
As if I could get things to go back to the way that things were.

Stuck on time, and stuck on space.
As if all the bad things, I could go back and erase.

Stuck on the beauty of the lives that I’ve lived
And stuck on the dreams that have died as I did.

Stuck on confusion.
Stuck on tiredness.
Stuck on all the things that make me sick of this!

But still, though I am stuck,

I must say, things are alright
Because I still have you to tuck me in every single night…

And you wake me up every morning,
And you walk me through every day,
And though sometimes I get hurt without warning,
I know that it’s okay.

Because I’m just stuck on me

I’m stuck on me
But you love me anyway,
And you will set my heart free.

It might be today
Or it might be tomorrow,
But no matter the way,
I know that all of this sorrow

Was hung on him.

It was hung on him.
So in that, I can let go
and my new life can begin.


*[But oh God! Won’t you help me understand

Why I can’t get unstuck?
I know what I want to do,
but I can’t seem to get out of this rut.

I am stuck on me.

I am stuck on me.
And I’d like to be anywhere else,
As long as it’s where I should be.]


C’est la vie.


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