Teach Me to Love

For one of my school courses, I’m reading a book titled “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas. My professor and his wife (who teach the class together) have mentored hundreds of couples and hosted countless marriage retreats across the globe. In all of this, they say that this book is the best book relating to spirituality … More Teach Me to Love

The Vending Machine

It’s true, I actually wrote a poem about a vending machine. And it’s not even a metaphor for anything (well, it kind of became one which you’ll see when you read) but what happened was this– Years ago I was studying at my local community college and I was extremely tempted to get something from the … More The Vending Machine

First Fail

So, at the end of my last post, I mentioned that I was going to share about one of the ways that I have already epically failed this year and I would like to honor that by taking some time to do just that– I can’t say that it’s a terribly interesting story, but it … More First Fail

Stuck on Me

As I continue in a series of weekly #poetryposts, I am reposting some old poems as well as posting new ones so I can put them all in one place as opposed to having them on various blogs, websites, and documents all over the internet 😉 Enjoy! 9/28/15 If you know me, you know that … More Stuck on Me