To Be Perfectly Loved

I think I write and post poems often because poetry is the kind of writing that comes quickly to me. I can sit down and write poems about almost anything and I could keep on writing and writing because I want to, but not because I feel like I have to. Writing about other things can be so fun but it takes me a while to gather my thoughts in a way that I feel comfortable presenting because I want to make sure that I am communicated very clearly. With poetry, it’s easy to just write stories and share my personal experience in a way that still has a purpose but isn’t necessarily intended to gear up toward any huge moral value. Instead it’s a form of self expression that can be enjoyed, whether you see my perspective or not.

Without further ado, I present to you a poem, titled, To Be Perfectly Loved.

She was full of hope and joy as He vaccuumed all her pain.

She lay her burdens down, and she could smile without shame.

He clothed her in ballgowns so beautiful and grand.

They danced through the night.

She held his hand.

He loved her so much.

She accepted it so,

She returned her love

But he said, “No.”

For his love was more infinite, more eternal, more divine

His love was steadfast, caring, and kind.

Her love was confusing–

It came and it went.

Her actions caused bruising–

They scarred and they bled.

She had nothing to “bring to the table,”

So you might say.

But that was the point

Because His love would stay.

No matter what she did, or didn’t, have to give

She only had to accept that, forever, she was His.

To be perfectly loved is everything we could ever want.

Yet, we tend to reject it more often than not.

Nonetheless it’s always available and it’s always true.

Perfect love is real, and it’s waiting for you.

You may not believe it. You may think this is a joke.

But you can join the forever dance and learn the joy that I know–

You can dance and you can sing and you can be ultimately free!

You can enjoy the world around you, you can know moments of peace.

To be perfectly loved is to be free from fear,

Though it might still exist, you can fight the whispers in your ears.

You can know who you are and stop asking such questions

You can see meaning in the mundane as you learn valuable lessons.

The possibilities are endless and the benefits run wild.

The moments of beauty are relentless and the world is rarely mild.

Come with me and I’ll introduce you to Him, the one who made me whole.

And He will do the same to you– love you heart, mind, and soul.

I do not understand this love, but fortunately that doesn’t make it lost.

For there was a price to be paid for it all, but He dealt with the cost.

To feel a constant tug on your heart that is grounded deep down,

To dance before the music starts no matter who is around,

To sing at the top of your lungs,

To share your favorite song,

To open a gift on Christmas,

To play in the sun all day long;

These are hardly the experiences I know to compare

To what it feels to be perfectly loved

And yet that love is there.

It stands greater than I can imagine,

More than I can comprehend

To know that you have everything you need

Is the perfect way for your story to end.

To be Perfectly Loved.


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