The Green Monster

I have a green monster

She lives inside of me

She snuck into my body and she filled my heart with need

A need to be desired, to be number one–

A groan to be remembered, like the days we chased the sun.

My little green monster has latched onto my heart

She reminds me I’m not as “okay” as I thought

She tears my world apart.

I have a green monster

I try to put her in a cage

But even in the cage,

She’s growing every day.

I have a green monster

She’s eaten all the rest.

I used to have a pink and red one

But she decided that she is the best.

I have a green monster,

Her fur sheds like a disease.

Like a dog before summertime,

and it gives me allergies.


I have a green monster

She turns my insides blue.

One moment I’m on top of the world!

The next I’m thinking of you.

I have a green monster,

but I don’t want her anymore.

Still, I’m scared to let her go,

Because if she walks out the door,

There might not be much left of the memories we shared.

And that would mean that once again, I gave myself away while unprepared.

It would mean that I chose wrong when I chose you to be my friend.

It would mean that I wasn’t right, for thinking we would make it till the end.

Not to mention, without that crazy green monster, I don’t know how to be

As much as she ruins my life, she also keeps me on my feet.

I love my green little monster,

Even if she’s pretty big now.

How do you let something you love go,

Even if you know

It wasn’t good for you somehow?

Okay, my green little monster,

It’s time for you to roam free.

Go anywhere you would like,

But you’ll have to go away from me.

Goodbye, my green little monster.

It’s time for you to go.

I’m sad to see this day,

but you’ll be in good hands somewhere– I know.

I used to have a green monster, she’s left from me now.

But some days she comes back to visit and everytime she leaves, it hurts me.


I need a restraining order against my monster,

or somehow find her a new home.

Because even the slightest contact,

hurts me deeply in my soul.

Good riddance green monster!

I can’t take you anymore!

No dinner dates,

Late dessert rates,

or even coffee on this floor!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry little monster!

But do you see what you’ve done to me?

You’ve twisted me around,

Turned me inside out,

And caused me to feel crazy.

I won’t take it anymore little monster,

I will not stand for this any day.

I don’t care what you do, but you’ve got to go.

I do not care what you have to say.

I once had a little green monster.

She still knocks on my door everyday.

But I tell her “No,”

I lock the door when I go,

And I don’t let her take my heart away.

I have a green monster.


3 thoughts on “The Green Monster

  1. I don’t think you’re the only one with a little green monster. I’ve got to admit that monster is pretty darn familiar. I wish there was some sort of alert to announce the presence of that monster in our hearts. It just twists everything until we give in and let it invade our lives. It really is the enemy’s attack plan…I think. Once we let it invade, we do everything we possibly can to feed it. The only qualm…it can’t satisfy no matter how much food it’s given. So, that little monster lives inside of me too (maybe it’s a big one…lol). I like to give it a dose of Jesus every once in a while and see how it deals. It gags until it’s given food again. Yeah, life as a human…Fight the good fight, Emma 🙂 Hope your college Journey has been wonderful.

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