Since graduating college so far I’ve been able to learn so much about myself and it has been an incredible journey. I won’t even try to pretend it has been an easy journey because it was not in the slightest, but the things I’ve been learning about myself are so exciting that it makes the … More Acceptance


It’s crazy how certain things can be so easy for one person and simultaneously so difficult for another. In that we often neglect to recognize the personal battles being faced by the people around us. Though this isn’t always negative, it is important to realize that the battles and victories you confront in the peanut … More Proud

I’m Sorry I Ran

Sometimes I run away from you when you’re hurting, but it’s not because I don’t care. It’s because I’m scared. I have this way of loading my backpack where I put my books in the bottom and then I add your cinder blocks on top and before I know it I’ve walked 5 miles but … More I’m Sorry I Ran

I Trusted You

I don’t understand why I’m like this. I thought I made peace with this weakness a long time ago, but here we are again. I wish I could have held myself back from caring about your wellbeing. I wish I didn’t give you so many benefits when there were so many doubts. If I could … More I Trusted You